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Volume 01 of Rabbit Troop songs.


released June 8, 2015

Nick Allen - drums, guitars, keyboards, engineering, mixing
Tim Dacey - guitars, vocals, keyboards, engineering, mixing
Patrick Dacey - bass, vocals, keyboards
Andrew Moreau - bass, vocals, keyboards




Rabbit Troop Forever Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: idea for a dream
When I wake up I open one eye at a time,
'cause it hurts to let in the light.
I have to release these events in my mind.
Dreams I live part of my life.

Roll out of bed and stumble right into the grind.
Crushed by another day and swept aside.

Little ants, little queens, little time to stop and look around.
Can't even stop to see where the foot comes down.
Count your steps or lose your way, lose your place.
Might be better off, might be just the same.

Roll out of bed and stumble right into the grind.
Crushed by another day and swept aside.
Crawl to my sanctuary, embrace my other life.
Might not be real but it makes it alright.

Run out of shelter and stumble my first step.
Flight might not have been my best bet.
Fright might not catch up if I can just stand and run.
Who ever said that this could be done?
Track Name: The Boss
Break into my house and bring me some relief.
Any way this turns out neither one of us is getting sleep.
Take my eyes of the prize and look upon defeat.
I could take your life away.
It would be the only way.

You have the ache. The lust in your eyes.
You have to wait, must bide your time.
So precious when I say that it's mine.
But it's a curse for both sides.

Have me drooling, I'll keep you sweating.
Any way it turns out we're not getting sleep.
Close your eyes, I will be searching.
Set your trap and try to get some sleep.
Track Name: More Than You'll Never Know
I never know what you're thinking
You never show what you're thinking

Tell me what you want me to know
Speak now or let it go
There's so much left that goes unsaid
Another thing that you'll regret

I never hear what you're saying
It's never clear what you're saying

You choose your words so carefully
The subtlety is lost on me
All of your thoughts, you make me guess
Another thing that you'll regret

You tried hard to make me believe
But you're too complex for me
Another day I'm in your debt
Another thing that you'll regret

Tell me what you want me to know
Speak now or let it go
There's so much left that goes unsaid
Another thing that you'll regret
Track Name: Mr. Grim
Hey there Mr. Grim, can you teach me how to swim?
If I call will you come to me?
If I'm stranded somewhere like the sea?

Hey there Mr. Death would you help me catch my breath?
If it is beyond my reach?
Would you help me? Could you if you please?

Hey there Mr. Undertow can you tell me where to go?
I am tired and subsided.
Help me please for I am blinded.
Track Name: This Mouse Represents Everything To Me That Can Be Saved
You may descend from a scientist but when I walk out my door,
I will be ready to take on the world.
As the tall grass brushes against my knees,
This is where I'm meant to be.

Passion is a player but confidence is my key.

I have a little mouse who I keep in my pocket.

You can name your pets whatever you want.

And you can name your pets whatever you want,
But mine are my friends they do what they want.
And you can train your slaves however you want,
But mine are not slaves they haven't been caught.

Failures come, and come, and come again.
People pass, and so do friends.
Above them all we must pretend.
We must pretend.

Even if there's no more breath left inside me I will stand up and fight.
Even when you're face down in your shame I'll stand beside you ready to fight.
Even if we can't gain any ground we wont go down without a fight.

And as they laugh, hold our heads high.
Track Name: Night Shift
He sees here through her window
From his car across the street
Every night he waits for her
To shut the light and go to sleep

When the show ends
He will leave, but it won't keep

It won't keep
She has your whole heart
Didn't leave a single piece
She has your whole heart
And it's something that she doesn't need
Track Name: Gone Miles
As the fog filled his eyes
She remembered simpler times
His shirt was glowing red
Slowly dancing towards the bed
Suddenly she became alone
And the silence never goes
As the dust sets on the floor
She feels the weight once more
She tears right through the door

I'll never come back here
All I can taste are tears
And I run down the street
Wishing the wind would let me free

As the fog fills my mind
Another taken from my life
And they won't let us say goodbye
So we'll show them what its like
What it's like to be alone
With the silence overgrown

As the tears fill my eyes
Finally see into his mind
His love ripped the world apart
And showed us who we are

As I watch my body go
I see I never was alone
My family took me home
With the fireworks below
My brothers simple smile
Him and I, we have gone miles
And right before I reach the top
I scream, "Fuck it!", and I jump

As I fall through the breeze
Remembering all my years
My friends breath my last smile
And here the wind it sets me free